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Spokane Housing Market Analysis: March 2024 Trends and Insights

Spokane housing market

As we step into the spring of 2024, the Spokane housing market presents a blend of challenges and opportunities that mirror the complexity of today’s real estate dynamics. This analysis delves into the key statistics for March 2024, offering a clear snapshot of where the market stands and what potential buyers and sellers can expect. Understanding these trends is crucial for making informed decisions in this vibrant real estate environment.

Detailed Analysis of Spokane Housing Market in March 2024

1. Median Sales Price

In March 2024, the median sales price for homes in Spokane reached $420,345, marking a 5.1% increase from a previous benchmark period. This upward trend in prices is a strong indicator of a growing demand for homes in the area, or possibly a decrease in available supply that has pushed prices upward. For buyers, this means entering a competitive market where prices are steadily climbing, making it crucial to make timely decisions. On the other hand, sellers are likely to find favorable conditions for fetching higher prices for their properties.

2. Active Inventory

The active inventory stood at 751 listings at the end of March, which is up by 18.8% from before. This increase in inventory suggests that more options are becoming available to buyers, potentially easing the intense competition seen in recent times. For sellers, the rise in listings might mean that they need to price their homes competitively or consider adding more value to their offerings to attract attention in a market that is getting more stocked.

3. Median Days on Market

The median number of days homes stayed on the market before being sold increased to 9 days, up by 28.6%. While homes are still selling relatively quickly, the increase indicates a slight cooling off from previous periods where listings might have moved faster. This could be due to buyers taking more time to make purchasing decisions, reflecting a market that is becoming less frenzied and more deliberate.

4. Closed Sales

There was a slight decrease in the number of closed sales, with 476 transactions completed, down 3.6%. This dip could be an indicator of several factors including potential buyers being put off by higher prices or a general economic slowdown impacting buyer enthusiasm. However, it’s important to note that the market remains active, albeit with slightly less vigor compared to previous months.

5. New Listings

New listings saw a decrease to 665, a drop of 4.2%. This reduction in new listings could potentially lead to tighter competition among available properties if the trend continues. It suggests that while the market remains lively, the influx of new options is not keeping pace with demand, possibly maintaining upward pressure on prices.

6. Months Supply of Inventory

Finally, the months supply of inventory was at 1.6 months, up 23.3%. Despite the increase, this number still points to a seller's market, where there are fewer homes available than buyers who want them. However, the rise does indicate a move towards a more balanced market, which could help in moderating price increases and competition levels in the near future.

In summary, the Spokane housing market in March 2024 shows signs of robust activity with strong pricing trends. However, the increases in inventory and days on market, coupled with a dip in new listings and closed sales, suggest potential shifts towards a more balanced market ahead. Buyers might soon experience slightly less competition, though the market still largely favors sellers. Both buyers and sellers should keep a close watch on these trends to better strategize their moves in this dynamic market landscape.

Next Steps: Contact Nick Briggs

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FAQs: Spokane Housing Market Insights

  1. What does a median sales price increase indicate?

  • An increase in the median sales price generally indicates higher demand or reduced supply, suggesting a competitive market for buyers.

  1. Is a higher inventory beneficial for buyers?

  • Yes, a higher inventory level typically means more choices for buyers, potentially leading to better pricing negotiations.

  1. What does an increase in median days on market signify?

  • This suggests that properties are taking slightly longer to sell, possibly due to buyers being more cautious, leading to a less frenetic market.

  1. Why are closed sales decreasing?

  • A decrease in closed sales could indicate a cooling in market activity, possibly due to higher prices or economic factors impacting buyer interest.

  1. How does a decrease in new listings affect the market?

  • Fewer new listings can lead to a tighter market with more competition among buyers, potentially keeping prices high.

  1. What is considered a seller’s market?

  • A market is typically considered a seller’s market when there are more buyers than available homes, which is usually indicated by a months supply of inventory under 5 months.

  1. What does the months supply of inventory tell us?

  • It estimates how long it would take to sell all current listings at the current sales pace without new inventory being added; a lower number usually favors sellers.

  1. How can a balanced market benefit both buyers and sellers?

  • In a balanced market, neither buyers nor sellers have a distinct advantage, leading to fair pricing and more time for decision-making.

  1. Should I buy/sell now or wait until the market changes?

  • This depends on personal circumstances, but consulting with a realtor like Nick Briggs can provide tailored advice based on current market conditions.

  1. How can I get the best deal in the current market?

  • Engage a knowledgeable realtor, stay informed about market trends, and be prepared to act quickly when the right opportunity arises.

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